Day Boarding with Food

The Sanjivani International School provides pastoral, social and emotional well being of the students. The students are moulded by highly qualified and skilled teachers. The school provides modern facilities including nutritious food.Its a school with unique concept of no bag system and home work completion by trained and qualified teachers, emphasising on “GURUKUL VALUES WITH INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE / STANDARDS”.

 Astronomy lab

The students’ imagination has no limits like sky and space do. We have well-equipped astronomy lab to observe and study celestial bodies if you are curious about space and the planets.

 Work experience corner

This is our innovative effort to connect theories, concepts, formulae to the practical world. Through this platform; the students can explore their ideas into practice.

 Global exposure 

we pace with ever changing science and technology as well as global trends. Our motto is to make our students the global citizens. You feel the global touch in the supremely modeled school, be it our students, teachers or the campus.

 Our infrastructure and the environment

SIS has robust infrastructure, and creates an atmosphere of perfect learning centre.


 Team work and sportsmanship skills are honed here. Our special coaches, instructors will tap the potential and shape up students in the sport of their    interest.


A well equipped standard size swimming pool is our strength. It will help students to train themselves for national and international competitions.

 German Language

The school has well equipped Language Lab where the students are enriched through myriad language activities to harness their listening and speaking skills.


Music being a integral part of creative forms of art and inseparable part of student life has an important place in sanjivani Curriculum. The various Indian and Western forms will be conducted by experts of their expertise.

 Creative Corner

We strive to make children confident and creative builders of their future with our focus firmly on developing the whole child.