Pre-Primary Program

Early Childhood Education research shows that major development of a child’s brain happens in the first five years and hence our pre-primary curriculum is designed to expose and stimulate the child in multiple cognitive areas.

Our carefully designed competency and skill-based programme, provides a wide range of experiences and materials to foster and enhance physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development. Our small class size allows ample time and opportunity for one-on-one contact with the teacher for personalized attention and customized learning.

The focus of the curriculum is on development of multiple skills which is achieved through age-appropriate monthly themes (projects).

  • Physical Development includes fine motor and gross motor development.
  • Creative/Aesthetic Development includes Visual Arts and Performing Arts (Music, Drama & Role play)
  • Cognitive And Perceptual Development: focuses on developing Language, Literacy skills and Numeracy Skills
  • Social And Emotional Development: is achieved through group play, sharing and inter-personal communication.
  • Teaching Methodology: Project Based

We strongly believe in enabling the thinking process, concept development and enquiry-based learning in children. To achieve this objective, we use the Project Based Teaching Method which is multidisciplinary and integrated in nature.

A positive, secure and happy atmosphere in school coupled with the provision of a rich variety of experiences such as drama, storytelling, creative and cognitive activities, science experiment, fireless cooking, water play, field trips promote development in a meaningful and well-rounded manner.

Skill Development