Our institution ensures development of social sensitivity in students and staff towards global problems like environmental pollution , reduction of the underground water level, global warming etc through various drives like celebration of eco-friendly Diwali , rally against use of poly bags and street plays highlighting the benefits of conservation of wild life and natural resources. We ensure that empathy is developed in the young minds for the needy and underpriviledged through visits to orphanage and old age home etc. Cultural tolerance and respect for every religious faith is developed by providing a common platform in school for the celebration of rituals and festivals of all religions . This helps in preaching the lesson of humanity.
    The school provides a wide range of inter and intra class /school/house competition and numerous activities to map the area of interest and competency of each child . These competitions and activities nurtures the confidence of the child thus transforming them into leaders of the area of their choice and also develops the enthusiasm of team spirit.
    We cater to the need of development of presentational and communication skills of the children through speech, debate, declamation , picture talk , slogan writing and power point presentation competition etc on all current, social , political and environmental topics which drives them to hands on learning as well as equips them with the necessary skills for keeping across their ideas , opinions and thoughts.
    We do strongly believe that the needs of individual students are different , and thus , must be differently addressed. Hence our institution reinforces the practice of preparing an Individual Learning Plan for each child with the involvement of the class teacher, parent, student, academic coordinator and physiotherapist , taking into consideration the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The ILP documents each child’s intended curriculum and their learning expectations for the reporting period.