LITERARY CLUB                                                                                                       Literary Club is committed to tap the effective communication skill among the students and equip them to think spontaneously. The club aims to foster love for language, enhances literary creativity, love for reading and writing and provides an avenue for self-expression and confidence in public speaking.


literacy club

GEOGRAPHY CLUB                                                                                                 The club aims at developing students’ natural curiosity about the world .It introduces to them the elements of Geography that they otherwise do not experience. The exciting geographical quizzes and games involving atlas, maps or capital cities provide an enriching experience to learners. They undertake varied projects and work for conservation of environment.


MULTIMEDIA CLUB                                                                                                  This innovative club aims to hone the capacity of students to be conversant with various forms of media and to cognize them to employ these media to express themselves. Students are introduced to photoshop, multimedia, web designing and animation software that allows them to combine photos, narration, animation and videos to create movies in a QuickTime format, making them technologically adept.


ASTRONOMY CLUB                                                                                                The club provides the students with a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of astronomy. This club, which is part of a larger effort, to enhance the teaching of space science, can provide focused experience beyond the scope of the school curriculum.


ARTS CLUB                                                                                                                   “I arc across the sky to discover its various shades, to fly unfettered and paint the bubbling world of my imagination.” The Art Club capitalizes on students’ sprouting thoughts, making them walk beyond the constraints of the curriculum. The students learn calligraphy and enjoy freedom to experiment with oil pastels, water colors, pencil, ink and pen, acrylics and engage in oil painting, fabric painting, and wood carving, stencil printing, etc.

arts club

THEATRE                                                                                                              Theatre forms a rubric of personality development or self-development. The theatre club aims to get child explore the very large literary and dramatics world.