PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: The inherent talent in each child is brought out through exposure to a wide range of games, sports and co-curricular activities. He/ she can decide a hobby of his/her liking and develop the talent to its excellence. Day boarding builds self-confidence, self-discipline, independent approach, the capacity to interact with adults and fellow students and a sense of direction in the students as they spend more quality time in school.

ADVANCED SKILL DEVELOPMENT: School provides ample opportunity for developing and honing the skills under supervision of expert coaches in a safe environment. Child’s time is spent very productively after school on a chosen activity and is not wasted in travelling to various tuition/ coaching/ hobby/ sports classes.

SAFE & FAMILIAR ENVIRONMENT: The students are in a safe and familiar environment after regular school under the supervision of responsible staff.

TEACHER STUDENT INTERACTION: Child spends more time with teachers and thereby develops a stronger bond. Due to small class size, the teacher is able to give personalized attention and acts as a personal mentor instilling passion in the student for the sport and hobby.

BALANCED DIET: The School provides a daily healthy and wholesome nutritious diet (i.e. breakfast, lunch and evening snack) to Day Boarders. The child get fresh food, develops good eating habits and dining etiquette.